The Story of Tavish Owen

I feel like every time you read a story or watch a movie about Christians they are so cheesy or glossed over that you can’t say, “Oh my gosh… I can see myself in them.” I want to tell you about Tavish Owen. Now, I know I said I wouldn’t use real names on my […]

Hello Baby Girl

I felt like you all had the right to know that little baby CB was born yesterday (4/25) morning. My sister is such an amazing woman! She went 21 hours all natural until accepting an epidural and then having to take pitocin due to the lack of progress in her delivery. However, at about 8:30 […]

Waiting in Anticipation

An open letter to my little niece, CB. Dear CB, Today is April 5th, 2016 and we are desperately anticipating your arrival. You have started to stir and are due at any moment. We weren’t expecting you for at least another week. I’m actually going to get to see you for the first time in […]