Meet My Family

So you’ve been journeying with me and learning about my life. I want to introduce you to my family.

Welcome to my family!

  1. Waiting in Anticipation
  2. Entering the World, Any Moment Now
  3. Hello Baby Girl
  4. Foot-in-Mouth
  5. Taking Your Pain Away
  6. I Held Her!
  7. Joy
  8. Immigration Story

There of course are Mom and Dad. They have been married for nearly 40 years! 😮 They have one of those stories that make you believe in love.

MS = my oldest brother. He is 7 and a half years older than me. Our relationship is there. I haven’t said “I love you” to him since we were little. And I high-five him instead of hugs. I don’t know if you would call us friends.

KB = my sister who is 4 years older. She is married to JB who is a year older than MS. And they are going to have CB at any moment (literally). KB and I did not get along as kids but now are super close.

DS = my other brother. DS is 2 years older than me and married to JS. JS is 6 months younger than me. DS and I used to be bffs. We hung out all the time and had the same friends, not so much anymore.

My family is LOUD. We come from southern roots. If you tell one person then the whole family knows within an hour and I mean the WHOLE family; Grandparents, aunts, uncles… everyone knows everything about your business.