Change for Charlie Gard

If you haven’t been following along, here is the super short version: Baby is born in England with medical needs. England says, “baby won’t survive, let baby die.” Parents have no say. Parents fight in court. American doctor finally (after almost 2 months) gets to see him. Charlie’s brain is too far gone. Parents decide […]


I love how when you’re complaining, you are still so happy! …mmm, that’s probably the last thing I ever expected to hear someone say to me. In the last year, I have heard one of my friends tell me that they were blessed to have me in their life because I always bring joy into the […]

His First Kiss

By 24 J had never kissed a girl or at least that’s what he told me. Let me start this from the beginning… Due to my impeccable taste to men, I decided to not get serious too quickly about any guy. I wanted something slow and fun! He wanted a wife. We somehow missed this in our communications… […]

20 Questions With A

Playing 20 questions on our first date was both exhilarating and scary. It took away the awkward wonderings but dove you into the deep end head first. He asked me, “Are you a virgin?” Yes, I replied. “Is it going to bother you that I’m not?” No. You see, A had just finished telling me […]

Boobs Weren’t Enough

That just doesn’t seem right. Boobs are pretty awesome. J wanted more. I had unleashed a hormonal teenager essentially. While we were all exploring our hormones as teenagers, J was being homeschooled and not allowed to date. I’m surprised he even talked to girls. So here is J, 24 years old… he has now had […]

His First Boob

Let’s get back to the stories of J. They are quite humorous and, to be honest, there are a few. Now, if you’re just joining us, please rewind and start with Sex on the Beach to have a better understanding of me and better yet, start with at the beginning of the J Series for an […]