Change for Charlie Gard

If you haven’t been following along, here is the super short version:

Baby is born in England with medical needs. England says, “baby won’t survive, let baby die.” Parents have no say. Parents fight in court. American doctor finally (after almost 2 months) gets to see him. Charlie’s brain is too far gone. Parents decide to stop fighting and let their tiny baby die. 

Yes, that was a crude and horrible summary. But it’s the reality of it, right? I mentioned in Tavish’s story that it took 11 doctors for my friend to finally find a doctor take her to term because he MIGHT have a genetic disorder that if he had, would kill him. But it couldn’t be diagnosed until birth. But since they thought he had it, they wanted her to abort him. Tavish was born in America. 

People are scared that stories like Charlie might start happening in other countries but what they don’t understand is that they already started. 

Thank you for fighting for your son because you made this issue so well known now. 

We need to open our eyes and get the government out of our families. I’m not talking about healthcare, I’m talking about decision making. 

Charlie, I hope you started a revolution. 


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