Through Their Eyes

It’s funny, when you look at someone else’s life you either see: the grass is greener or I’m kicking ass at life. With social media, it doesn’t help that most people only want to show you their “perfect world” and how they are winning at adulting. But really, who is?!

Honestly, my credit card debt is stacking because I’m trying to start a company but I’m working part time at a little boutique in a beach city part time. While I’m working, I’m typing this because I’m the only one in this tiny little shop and the owner allows me to work on “other projects”. My friends say, “You have the best job.”

Well, “the best job” pays shit. I barely pay rent. So food and other groceries and gas go on my credit card. Woohoo! Luckily, I still have amazing credit… somehow??

While I sit here in this boutique, I work on my online classes (which I can’t afford and had to humble myself and ask my parents for help). I read my books and articles for homework and sometimes watch the video lectures. Never once have they stopped me from making a sale. Actually, I had one customer tell me to feel free to keep reading while she looked around.

The grass is greener over here, right???

Except that I’m trying to start a business! I want to have my own company. That’s why I am taking these classes so that I can be certified to help teens and families prepare for college… I want to make more than $14 an hour with only 16 hours a week. Yeah, I said that. That’s how much I make. You now know more about my financial situation.

And then there are my friends…. they think I have it great. They envy all my “time”. They think that I can just do whatever I want with all this “spare time” I have. Hmmm, I don’t know where the spare time is… I mean, yes, I do watch Netflix and tv but that’s AFTER I have completed all my tasks. Could I have woken up at 6:30 am today when my phone rang to have a brain storming session about what to call my new company? Sure! Was I awake to do so… no! So I went back to sleep.

My friends spend money left and right and invite me to go out to eat with them. They want to do service projects… that cost money. They want to go places… that cost money. They go on vacations and I’m sitting here going, I want to buy groceries that actually taste good.

My grass looks greener because I

  • work near the beach,
  • don’t have a boss on my case,
  • have more time at home,
  • am working to better my situation,
  • can change my schedule whenever I want….

But I am a consultant with no sick leave and no paid vacation. Sure my grass looks greener but so does your’s.


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