Slavery Has No Boundaries

In the midst of such crazy times, I want to tell you a story. Before I start this story, I want to remind you that if you have not yet read any of my other posts, please do. This will help you understand me, my tone and my personality. If this is your first post of mine, much will be lost and you might (most likely will) misjudge me.

Secondly, one of my best friends is Asian as is my sister-in-law. I have nothing against anyone of any race.

And lastly, I do not cling to any race for my personal identity. I see myself as an American due to the fact that my family has been here before the 13 colonies were established. We came over before the Mayflower. I am a mixed mutt. I have so many cultural heritages that there are only two that I relate to: Southern Californian and Southern. Give me my food fried and my tea sweet.

Story time:

When you hear the word slave, what do you picture? If you live in the United States, most likely you picture a black person. Isn’t that a bit racist in and of itself? The Irish and Germans were treated like lower level humans as well.

Let’s travel back in time together. Everyone hates you for your religion. You practice in secret. The place where you live, your family is treated as sub-human. You try to get a job but they judge you based on the way you look or just your last name.

Well, GPS (ha! for my great, great, great, great…. great… papa s___ last name) heard rumors of this land far away that had been discovered. They had been driving boats past it to get to China but not many people had gone there to explore. Some of the first ships were about to embark on this long journey.

GPS was poor. He had his family and 3 brothers and they were all being persecuted. He feared for their safety and wanted to be part of this New World.

However, only the rich could afford the voyage. The trip was months long and many did not survive.

So GPS sold himself into a type of slavery called “indentured servitude”. (side note: I understand the difference of selling oneself and being taken / kidnapped / sold without consent) Being an indentured servant means that they sign a contract with someone with the typical terms of:

  • 7 years
  • Land
  • Money

Once the 7 years were completed, they would be set free and be given land and money. However, most of the indentured servants were worked so hard that they died or their owners cheated them out of their contracts. This meaning, they were never released or they never were paid out for their service. Very few saw their contract honored.

GPS was lucky. He found a family headed for the New World and signed on to be their indentured servant. Not only did he survive his 7 year contract, but he was given land and money as promised. The money was sent back to his 3 brothers so that they could afford to make the voyage. GPS set our family free from religious persecution.

Let me tell you about Holly (holy moly, I just used a name vs initials!! It’s a fake name). Holly was a foster kid here in Southern California. I don’t know her name, I just know her story.

I met Holly through a volunteer foster ministry I do at church. We have monthly hangouts and even go to camp once a year. I didn’t learn about Holly’s story until it was too late. I wish someone had taught Holly about modern-day slavery.

Holly was solicited by a pimp and become a prostitute before she was even 15 years old. She ran away to Los Angeles and started working the streets in LA.

She stayed in contact with one of our volunteers and told him where she was. He went to LA and rescued her, dropped her back off with social services… or so we thought. She ran away and went back to it within months of someone trying to rescue her.

What does Holly do now? She doesn’t just do tricks. She traffics girls from foster care to LA for her pimp.

I think our nation… our world is so lost some of the things that happened and are currently happened in our world. There are bigger problems that are going on that need to be fixed.

Why does Holly traffic girls? What attracts her to that life? There are so many deep issues that need to be solved.

I don’t get political on my page because I don’t in real life. But I think life starts at the nuclear family. We need to look inward and fix what’s going on there.

One thought on “Slavery Has No Boundaries

  1. Indeed, it does makes one wonder.

    As we know by now, every actions has its reasons as with every thoughts has its origins. If Holly continues to do such deed, she probably has her own reason to- Be it for fun because she enjoys it (Let’s hope not) or because she has debts to pay, or it’s the only way she know on how to earn a living.

    So many reasons for us to speculate on but she’ll be the only one with the answer- which for all we know, she might not even be clear on either!
    Humans sometimes do things without even knowing the reason to why as well.

    Remember the holocaust? Many Jews were punished and killed for crimes they didn’t commit and when the soldiers and in-charge were put to trial after the war ended, they were asked whether they knew what they were doing.

    Their answer? They knew that they were committing a crime against humanity but they went with the order to punish and kill anyway “Because Hitler said so”.

    Whatever it is, of course, slavery is bad because it takes away the rights of a human being to be a human being.

    In this current day and age, we may have a lot of negative stuff going on but we must never forget that our current world also has lots of positive going on as well. Look at it this way, we have ppl like you spreading awareness on such topic- Isn’t that a positive thing already? 😉

    Cheers for sharing bud!

    Your pal,


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