Shh… Let Me Think

I’m sitting here at my “small group”, a term in church to define a group of people meeting to discuss the Bible and life, and we were told to take 20 minutes to journal or spend time reading the Bible.

Well, this is my journal basically. I’m the most honest I’ve ever been here than anywhere or with anyone. So I’ll spend my time talking to you.

First, I want to explain the point of this group. We’re not just reviewing what we learned on Sunday in church with each other. We are choosing to do life with one another. The hope is that we can create bonds so that when you are broken, you have people to lean on.

It’s also for perspective. We all bring something to the table. What you bring is you life experience and filters. Those are different than mine. So when we read the Bible, different things stand out to you. By bringing different people to the table, you learn from each other and grow.

We created our group about two months ago and our church was just starting to read the book of Romans. By coming together and pointing out what parts made an impact on us in different ways, we learned so much more than just from our church service.

I think for me personally, if you’ve been following along, you have seen that I have been hurt a lot by those closest to me. Being in this group challenges you to be vulnerable and to open yourself up to others.

I don’t want to have my walls up ever again. I lived a life with stones around my heart and I don’t want to go back.


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