I Am Not

I have been a volunteer for nearly 10 years through my church with foster children. I love what I do and working with these kids. However, there have been times that our Director has treated me like his “whipping post”. He personally used that term and said, “Everyone needs a whipping post.” Sometimes we banter […]

The Mistake I Made..

I just watched this video and it hit a little harder than I think it normally would have… Last night I had my first dream in years of G. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. When will my mind stop playing tricks on my heart? Or is it my heart playing tricks […]

Shh… Let Me Think

I’m sitting here at my “small group”, a term in church to define a group of people meeting to discuss the Bible and life, and we were told to take 20 minutes to journal or spend time reading the Bible. Well, this is my journal basically. I’m the most honest I’ve ever been here than […]

Abandoned Friendships

Have you ever had a friend that has walked away from you? One that has purposefully destroyed your friendship? Someone that has burned that bridge between the two of you? And then come back as if there was never any hurt between the two of you? I have had three… that’s right, you read it… 3 best friends, […]