Stuck Like Glue

So this is a funny story I just learned that happened 2 years ago, just after J and I broke up. J had been volunteering with me at church while we dated and was debating about going to camp with us still when we broke up.

I told him, “Pray about it. You should not go to camp because of me. I should not be involved at all in your decision. You should talk to M (our Camp Director) and see what he says.”

After I got in my car, I actually sent a text to M to let him know that J and I broke up but that I didn’t know if he would be able to emotionally handle being around me for 3 days solid while trying to be a counselor for a foster child.

One of the biggest reasons that I broke up with J was his immaturity, I felt like his mother. I’m not into that kind of relationship…

Let’s fast-forward to about 2 weeks ago, I was creating funny ways to remind our counselors of rules and to promote camp for sign-ups. I was thinking:

What would have helped me? What rules did I have a hard time with at first? What rules do new counselors usually freak out about? And how can I make it memorable and funny?

This inspired me to use one of those online websites to create fake text messages. I know that M has complained (laughed at) in the past about some of the last minute questions he got / freakout moments in the middle of the night from counselors. So all the texts were addressed to him.

They ranged in: losing their camper, camper hating them, forgetting the rules, etc.

First off, let me start by saying that M thought these were real texts that someone shared with me that he had sent over the past years. Can we say that I am THAT awesome?

Secondly, he thought the texts were between him and J. Haha.

So over the past 8 years of camp, I have been a staffer for 6 summers and a counselor for only 2. I usually help with new counselors and making sure they remember the rules. On occasion, I have been “buddies” with a counselor who has a camper that is harder to connect with or doesn’t want to participate.

I have been sitting on the camp planning team for 8 years now. We talked in one of our meetings about who would talk about what in our counselor training. M said, “Everything But Sugar can talk about the rules, this way I’m not the bad guy. Plus, you will be on staff at camp.”

Well, I do LOVE rules. I said ok. So I created this fake text of someone texting M freaking out about forgetting the rules!

Counselor, “What if I forget to side hug?”
M replies, “The camper will make it clear.”
Counselor, “What if I FORGET some of the rules?”
M replies, “Luckily, there is someone always there to help you out. Mainly, I will let Everything But Sugar bug you 🙂 “

When M learned these were fake texts, he told me that he actually threatened J that this would happen. J had to step-up and behave like an adult or I would be attached at his hip.

Little did J know that I would not actually follow those orders. I would have had one of the male staff follow through with them.

J didn’t do awful at camp that summer but a few of us (including myself) had to call him out on things. I also called other counselors out of things too… so I wasn’t picking on him.

But it just goes to show the random things that you learn years later.


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