Phone Calls Every Day

When you’re not in an official relationship, I don’t know if talking on the phone every single day is proper. I use the word proper because honestly… I don’t know what else to call it. If you are woo-ing me and actually have intentions of putting a ring on my finger, that’s still a little much if we aren’t in an official relationship.

If we are talking every day, I am assuming that we are more than “just hanging out” or “just dating”. I am assuming that there is more to it. Well, joke is on me this time.

A is for Ass.

Every day while A was home for Christmas, he would call me. We were texting all day long. Now, I want you to read that carefully… He was initiating it all.

He even would leave me on the line while picking up his 4 year old daughter so that I could hear the two of them interacting because “he thought I would like it”. Mind you, she did say the cutest things…

Christmas passed and he was driving home a few days before New Year’s. I told him if he got bored, to give me a call. Well, a few minutes into his drive, guess who calls? You’re right!! A normal drive without traffic to San Francisco to Orange County can take 6.5 hours, with holiday traffic… 10 hours. We stayed on the phone the entire time, with dropped calls and just reconnected a few minutes later. It took him a little over 9 hours to get home, yeah… we were on the phone for 9 hours.

And we were “just dating”.

But this guy, he initiated an emotional relationship that he had no clue of what he was getting into.

Guys, don’t start something if you don’t know what you’re getting into.


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