Date 3 and 11 hours

Yes, you read that correctly. Date 3 with A lasted about 11 hours. It was right before Christmas and he was supposed to drive up to San Francisco to spend the holiday with his family and daughter that day.

I texted him that morning to see if he had left yet and he said that he was finishing laundry.

Do you want to come over while I finish it?

Why would I say no?? So I got out of bed, got dressed (and looked cute) then headed over. We ended up just goofing off all day playing video games, which included me dying a LOT.

The weather took a turn for the worse. It started pouring down like cats and dogs, huge drops of rain. So A decided to push back driving up until Sunday, bummer.

We cuddled and made out… had lunch and dinner together. I didn’t leave until 11 pm. A didn’t do much packing.

Date 3… was a long date. 

The thing is, I didn’t invite myself over and I didn’t stay longer than he wanted me. Did I mention that Date 1 was Wednesday, Date 2 was Friday and Date 3 was Saturday… and I had lunch with him for Date 4 on Sunday before he left?

He initiated it all.



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