Thrown into Destiny

“Can you come into the office tomorrow?” was a text message I got from my boss last night. I have been working from home because my sister is about to give birth and I am her ride in case of an emergency.

I have been a consultant and have the luxury of doing so. But when I got that text, I immediately thought

I’m going to get fired.

Mind you, I have not done anything to do for grounds to get fired. My boss made accusations that had no support. In her text message she accused me of:
1) not getting projects done in an adequate time, 2) lack of communication, 3) having an attitude problem, and 4) them having to redo all my projects.

Accusation 1:

I was given a list of companies (12) to find contacts’ emails  to get to her asap. She wanted the business developer or the marketer. Those contacts aren’t public and require research, so I had to dig. It took about 30 minutes minimum per company and a total 4 hours grand total. She expected 1.5 hours only.

Accusation 2:
I am a millennial… we like email and texting. But I also like taking hand notes and stickies! My boss does not like to check her emails. So when you send important information via email, she would claim to never get it. Her solution: text or tell her in person whenever you email her, otherwise it never happened. For the past few weeks, I have been doing this to try to please her communication style.

Accusation 3:
I was her personal cheerleader for a year. The company is failing, no income. I tried to be her personal moral for a year. However, in November, we were told that the company might shut down at the end of the year and that we might not have jobs come the beginning of the year. So, my stress levels went from high to extreme. I had 3 panic attacks in December. When we came back in January, I decided to no longer be the cheerleader and became introverted. I tried to explain but it was still seen as an attitude issue.

Accusation 4:
My projects wouldn’t have to be redone if the company would actually communicate with me the direction they wanted to go and let me know if they changed visions. Allowing me to continue down the wrong path is a waste of time and money for everyone.

So now that we are all on the same page…

We sat down in our meeting. “We have to close the company for 4-6 weeks. Honestly, can you do that?” I sat there thinking, you don’t want to fire me because then you would have to pay out unemployment and you want me to quit… “Honestly, I can’t afford it. I am living paycheck to paycheck as it is. You already cut my hours as is.”

They looked at me all nervous and a bit sad but with understanding. “Can you do temp work in between and then come back? We can give you projects during that time?” I needed to make sure my wording did not sound like I was quitting… “I can try.”

I have now been thrust into my job hunting even more quickly and diligently than I expected.

New job, here I come!!


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