His First Kiss

By 24 J had never kissed a girl or at least that’s what he told me. Let me start this from the beginning…

Due to my impeccable taste to men, I decided to not get serious too quickly about any guy. I wanted something slow and fun! He wanted a wife. We somehow missed this in our communications… It made things really hmmmm…. fun.

After a few weeks of dating, he had yet to kiss me. I am a bit of a tease so I sent him texts of links on “how to kiss”. He had told me he’d never kissed a girl so I figured the fact that I had kissed a few guys might have intimidated him.


We had just finished watching a movie in the living room and we were standing up to get ready for me to leave.

Now, to help you picture this:
I am a good 5’6 😀 and he is about 6’4 so just a bit of a difference!

We were hugging because that’s all he would do… even after a few weeks of dating! I love to kiss… I’ve mentioned this before. So as I was giving him a nice hug goodnight, tucked in his arms, I looked up and thought:

Ok… this is a perfect moment for you to bend down and kiss me. Are you going to go for it??

He just stood there. I finally said, “Are you going to kiss me?” He replied, “I want to but I’m just not sure want to do…”

I reached up and pulled his head down and brought his lips to mine. I went in for a soft, gentle, slow kiss. A simple first kiss. Suddenly, he was pushing in for more and opening his mouth and asking for too much too soon for a first kiss.

I pulled back and told him to slow down. There was also the issue that he was slobbering all over my face like he was trying to eat me alive.

He told me he had never kissed a girl before, that he was so nervous that he didn’t know what to do. After about a month or so of dating, I found out that was a lie. He had kissed another girl (not made out or anything) before me. Why lie about something so innocent and simple??


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