Suddenly We Were “Courting”

J had asked me to “court him”. As soon as he said it, I couldn’t help but laugh. I composed myself and asked him to define courting.

Courting is a way to get to know each other with the intentions of marriage.

I told him that I wasn’t interested in anything with the intentions of marriage at the end of the road right now. It was too much for me too soon after one too many screwed up relationships. I wanted to take time to just get to know him without strings attached of looking to marriage at the end of the road.

I believe in dating with intentions when you’re in the place where you’re ready for marriage. But sometimes you just want to go on a date.

Group dates, double dates or public dates… that’s what I was ready for!

Instead, he just wanted one-on-one time. He wanted to cuddle and to just be with me. It was like the accelerator was hit and the brakes weren’t working. Every time I tried to hit the breaks, he just slammed on the accelerator even harder.

By week 3, he said “I love you“. 😯


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