A New Career, A New Journey

In the middle of the summer before my senior year of high school, I woke up with two words in my head: “marketing” and “anthropology”. I didn’t really know what marketing or anthropology meant as majors for college. In my mind as a high schooler, I thought about commercials on tv.

I learned more about them and all that marketing could entail and the opportunities, I fell in love. A dream career started developing.

I wanted to teach non-profits how to do their marketing to be profitable.

After years of volunteering with non-profits and doing my internship with a non-profit, I learned so much about how many of them worked. This idea that they have to give away their product away for free, not charging much or have a hard time asking for money.

Six years of working is marketing and specializing in social media, I am leaving the game. My current position has drained me so utterly and completely that I started looking for a new job. My new job hunt led me to a new career.

A new dream from a desire I never knew was there was born over night.

When job hunting in the past, a requiter had told me that I should consider career coaching and leadership development. I was so heart-set on my dream of marketing that I didn’t even consider it. But now, as I look at all my volunteering and how I interact with my friends and coworkers, my passions are in leadership development.

A new path in my life is developing and I’m excited to take you on this journey with me. I am about to start my networking to see about getting a new job and leaving my current position.

I can’t wait to share with you what happens next!


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