Date Two: Differences of A vs J

If you’ve been following along, A and J are very different. One is a serial dater with a kid and nearly engaged twice; and the other, I was his first girlfriend. Talk about different.

But I thought that it would be fun to tell you about date two for both guys in one post. They were both double dates but for different reasons.

I have this habit of being attracted to the Dany Zukos of the world. They seem so sweet and kind but have this bad boy edge. Ryan Atwood, from “The O.C.”, is also a perfect example. They are troubled and need fixing. The guy has a strong sense of loyalty to his “woman” and wants to protect her and do right by her, yet doesn’t necessarily do the right things or know how to express himself the right way. My first boyfriend was emotionally abusive and I will never put up with anything like that again.

So due to my amazing dating habits of the past, I told J that our second date had to be at least a double date (I was also trying to shake him, eh).

While A had “planned” a double date because he had tickets to Star Wars, the girl he was dating when he purchased them… gone. So he figured he would ask “some girl” from Coffee Meets Bagels (CMB). Enter some girl.

(Remember, these guys are separated by 2 years)
J texted me to let me know he had found a friend to join me and my best friend K for a double date. BFF- K had agreed to be my wing girl, she was single and didn’t mind a free meal! Funny thing, his BFF… also a K! Ha. I promise to keep them straight.

BFF-K and I met J and Boy-K (like what I did there??) at Buffalo Wild Wings for date two. Now, I’m not saying I need Mortan’s Steak for my first or second date. But J didn’t pay for anything on date one, well maybe one Coke, and now we’re at Buffalo Wild Wings? I at least except a little wooing.

We sat down and I wanted BFF-K to sit next to me and J to sit across. I am not one for your SO to sit next to you when you’re still getting to know one another. Talking becomes awkward when you’re sitting next to each other verses sitting across, especially when other people are at the table too.

BFF-K and Boy-K were having some amazing conversations and let me just tell you, Boy-K is HOT!! I still think he’s hot! I was having more fun talking to him then J. Boy-K, BFF-K and I were just chatting it up like crazy having a great time when suddenly J would interject. It was awkward.

I’m sure he felt like a third-wheel on a date he invited his best friend on.

By then end of the date, I figured that J didn’t want to pursue anything. BFF-K and I had a chance to whisper that we both thought Boy-K was super hot! And has an amazing personality on top of that… we were giggling about him as we walked out to our cars when J stopped me. He asked me out AGAIN. I suck at turning people down in person. I need to be able to reject them in person.

Back to A…
A had told me to meet him at his apartment where his married bffs (no clue what their names are anymore) would meet us. I made it to his door at the same time as them and he was still out walking his dog.

I made sure to dress-up for this date because the first date (two nights before) was a bit spur of the moment so I was wearing a comfy work outfit. So date two: tight jeans, boots with heels and a v-neck top. Let’s just say the look on his face when he saw me was shock and a lack of works 😉 .

We were walking distance from the theater and had reserved seats. A had paid for everything, even his bffs’ tickets. Before the movie, he ordered us light snacks and drinks. The chairs were nice considering the tickets were $25 a piece. Afterwards, we went to Red Robins. I wouldn’t complain about going to Red Robins after all that was spent on a movie date, except we sat to the bar.

A is very familiar with the bartender who happens to be a female. So not only did he spend most of his time turned towards his friends but also flirting with the bartender. I should have walked out. It was disrespectful, I know! But I’m learning!

We finished dinner and A paid. I noticed that his bffs didn’t even motion to pay. Maybe he had already told them the night was on him? But I reached for my purse and he waived me off. We all walked about towards his apartment and his bffs left.

He asked if I wanted to come up. I should have said no.

We had already been on our date for 5-6 hours, it had been a great night. He told me that he had a little bit of work to do but that I was welcome to come up for a bit and hang out. I went up. He did his computer IT thing, stood up and cupped my face and asked,

“Do you mind if I?” I whispered, “No.” He had kissed me on the cheek as I had said no and looked at me and said, “Really?” I nodded. And he went in for the full kiss. It was powerful. Someone who knew what they wanted, who they wanted and wasn’t afraid to go after it. He was dominating is a sexy way.

He picked me up and threw me onto the bed. Kissed me softly, slowly and then just left me there. WantingNeedingMore.

A finished his work and we were talking about movies. He asked about The Lego Movie and I mentioned I had never seen it before. He rented it immediately on Amazon and we watched it at midnight, with a lot of making out during it. Our second date ended at nearly 2 am and had started at 4:30 pm.

10 and a half hours and over $300 spent on both couples on date 2 with A. Yeah, this escalated quickly.



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