Rugged and Mysterious

You know those movies of that man who never speaks that walks around in the background with those perfectly fitted shirts and a little bit of grease on his hands? He has scruff and no one knows his story and there are just rumors about who he is?

My summer with G started that way. We met at a summer camp in Big Bear, CA. He was a towny that was working up there during break from college. I grew-up going to that camp and had decided to work there that summer while on break between my freshman and sophomore year of college.

Now for those of you who never worked at a camp… culture is a bit different crazy. The staff all date each other and will break up and then move on and date someone new. I was dating one of the lifeguards while all the girls (including myself) were crushing on G. Let’s be honest, if G had asked me out while I was dating my Lifeguard, I would have said yes! 

G wouldn’t talk to any of the summer staff because he knew that the girls were drama and that most of us liked him.

I was one of the only ones that stayed until the middle of August because I lived driving distance away. My friends that were left all were full time and staying on past the summer. So what did this mean for me you ask, G talked to ME!!! 

There was one or two other summer staff girls and let me just tell you, they were pissed. Not only did G talk to me, he took me off roading to his favorite spot on my day off.

So that means he likes me, right?

What guy takes a girl off roading just the two of them to his favorite spot unless there is something there??? We sat and watched the sunset and talked for a few hours.

He told me about how much he hated high school and didn’t fit in. G was depressed and actually tried to commit suicide, he had scars to show for it.

I was one of 3 people to hear that story.

So that means he likes me, right??

G went to a school that was only about 30 minutes away from mine. We realized that hanging out would be easy. We both left for school the same weekend. On my way to school, I drove to his first to hang out. We went to the Toys R Us and dinner. I remember getting in his truck, he had to unlock it on my side and then walk over and unlock his side. I leaned over to unlock his door (it seemed only polite).

He responded, “My mom told me to marry the first girl to unlock my door for me.”

So that means he likes me, right??

Welcome to the beginning of my 2 years of being loved and unloved by G.



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