Phone Calls Every Day

When you’re not in an official relationship, I don’t know if talking on the phone every single day is proper. I use the word proper because honestly… I don’t know what else to call it. If you are woo-ing me and actually have intentions of putting a ring on my finger, that’s still a little much if […]


You know those moments when you say something and you immediately regret it. You know that you shouldn’t have said it. You just think, “Oh my gosh… Did I just say that? Why did I say that? Why did I say that?“ What about those moments when you don’t realize that you said something that cut deeper to the bone with one simple […]

Hello Baby Girl

I felt like you all had the right to know that little baby CB was born yesterday (4/25) morning. My sister is such an amazing woman! She went 21 hours all natural until accepting an epidural and then having to take pitocin due to the lack of progress in her delivery. However, at about 8:30 […]

Date 3 and 11 hours

Yes, you read that correctly. Date 3 with A lasted about 11 hours. It was right before Christmas and he was supposed to drive up to San Francisco to spend the holiday with his family and daughter that day. I texted him that morning to see if he had left yet and he said that […]

Finding Myself

I just had 3 amazing phone calls today that have helped me find clarity about me future and where I am going. The past few days have just been inspirational in moving forward that they have kept me from wanting to reach back and write about J, A and G. While I’m on this journey, […]

Good Morning and Good Night

Two phrases that you text or say to someone every day show you care for them… When I rolled over in the morning and looked at my phone sophomore year after meeting G, it would say “Good Morning 😉 “. He knew when I woke up and had classes. We would start texting immediately from that […]

His First Kiss

By 24 J had never kissed a girl or at least that’s what he told me. Let me start this from the beginning… Due to my impeccable taste to men, I decided to not get serious too quickly about any guy. I wanted something slow and fun! He wanted a wife. We somehow missed this in our communications… […]