Boobs Weren’t Enough

That just doesn’t seem right. Boobs are pretty awesome. J wanted more. I had unleashed a hormonal teenager essentially. While we were all exploring our hormones as teenagers, J was being homeschooled and not allowed to date. I’m surprised he even talked to girls.

So here is J, 24 years old… he has now had his first kiss, make out session, touching of a boob (over the shirt), and he was a raging with hormones!

It was easy to tell when he was turned on. I mean, we all remember those firsts… when you hit your peak, you didn’t know what to do and we would just stop everything.

Oh, I am now pleasured, therefore I don’t need to do anything else.

Or better yet: You’re in the middle of taking care of me, so I will ignore you.

Now, with experienced couples, it’s a give and take and you make sure that your partner walks away with something as well. Unfortunately, the second J made his orgasm face, everything was done until he could recover. He didn’t know how to help me or that girls take a little longer at times or anything. So if I was working up and almost there, the second he hit that O, we were done. Thanks.

Mind you, we were just making out. So of course, it takes more effort. I was bored of making out. He was so sloppy and all over the place. His tongue getting jammed down my throat after telling him to stop. He liked it so he thought I did to… 🙄

So, I went to intervention option two. To try to get him to stop making out so much and keep him busy in other ways… I went for a big leap. I would take my bra off before getting comfy and then I also started feeling him up over his jeans.

Yeah, he never let my hand leave there again. I got kind of tired of just rubbing my hands over his jeans where his penis was. I knew it majorly turned him on… I mean I knew it. I could feel it. But man, he was seriously like my high school boyfriend.

The moment he realized I wasn’t wearing a bra and that he could feel my nipple he started playing with it and couldn’t stop. Finally, some sort of pleasure on my end.



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