His First Boob

Let’s get back to the stories of J. They are quite humorous and, to be honest, there are a few.

Now, if you’re just joining us, please rewind and start with Sex on the Beach to have a better understanding of me and better yet, start with at the beginning of the J Series for an even better picture of J.

Yes, I said his first boob. As mentioned before, J had never made out with a girl (or guy haha) before meeting me. I taught him everything he knew. Things were honestly getting boring for me.

I’m the type of girl that loves the sweet, small kisses. I love to take it slowly and build into the passion. When you just want to kiss super fast and all tongue then I am completely turned off. I loose interest and slowly am no longer attracted to you. All J wanted to do was kiss fast and with his tongue. I would whisper in his ear:

Slow down. Don’t be afraid to take your time. Less tongue.

I’m not afraid to say what I want. A relationship is about communication for emotional and physical needs and wants.

There are also ways to show your significant other that you don’t like what they are doing: Pulling away, closing your mouth, pushing their tongue out of your mouth, etc. Well, he didn’t get any of the hints or flat out communications that I didn’t like what he was doing.

So to try to distract him or change the direction of things, I let him put his hand on my boob (no skin to skin contact, just over my shirt). His face lit up like a kid just met Santa Clause. It worked for a little while. We were able to just lay there and cuddle… with his hand on my boob. 

Then he wanted to start the crazy make-out sessions again. 🙄

I started to plot for option two… again, I don’t know why I stayed. But you should stay tuned to read more about J and how things turned out, everything but sugar!



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