LinkedIn vs Tinder

I’m going to start this off with a disclosure, I am not on Tinder. I do use a similar app called Crosspaths. I’m still waiting for that one to be successful with an actual date. I’m also on Coffee Meets Bagels and have met a few guys from there.

But my question is, when did it become ok for people to hit on you via LinkedIn? I’m not going to lie, there have been times where I have been tempted to send a couple of winks to the guys I’ve connected with… I mean, they have real careers, look clean-cut and live near by but it’s a networking site for advancing your career not your marriage certificate.

I’m not sure what it is about my profile that screams available for you to awkwardly “flirt” with other than the fact that my profile does say I’m single… ha! And I say awkward because, well… you be the judge:

The first:

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 8.51.28 PM

yep, he noticed my profile says single. Maybe I should delete / hide that?? It’s for future employers! Sorry married ladies but I am more employable than you! It’s the realities of life. Oh, by the way, he’s about the age of my grandpa… maybe a little younger? Somewhere around 70-75 years old, guessing by the photo.

Next up:


Shawn is old enough to be my dad! According to when he graduated college and everything, yes, he could be my dad. If I had daddy issues, then this could be a total win-win. (By the way, he was asking about what church I go to and telling me where his son goes to middle school…)

Last and hopefully the last!!

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 9.16.13 PM

This is … umm… shoot, well… I guess it doesn’t matter! We’ll just call him Three! 😉 I use LinkedIn as a networking tool. I will link with you even if we have never met. Well, I linked with this guy and I guess he took it as a *wink wink* *hint hint* *nod nod*. Oops. My bad. He private messaged me saying I could send him my resume and that he’d like to talk more. I thought, “Perfect!” because I’m job hunting, anyone who wants to see my resume will get it… heck, they will see it even if they didn’t ask! I decided to check out his page and noticed that his company’s website got hacked and thought I would be a good Samaritan and tell him. Then he continues to text me… first about how I was wrong then I was magically right! I ended up blocking his number.

So forget Tinder, get on LinkedIn!! Put a good photo up, fill in your career information and start hitting on your connections. I guess it’s ok for older men to do it… :/




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