Top vs Bottom

Once again, not everything has to do with sex 😉 But I do like innuendos and making dirty jokes.

Let the J stories continue: Our one month anniversary and I like celebrating those cheesy things. I am an athlete that is super preppy and girly. I own close to 30 pairs of shoes (I decluttered when I moved in 2014), must of them are heels. It was his first one month anniversary so he was excited to plan it.

I know!! You’re all thinking, “He doesn’t know what to do! How much to do!” And you are all right!

Usually after work everyday, I would go and hang out at his place for a bit then drive home. So the night of our anniversary dinner, he had told me that it was a fancy place that he had to make reservations at. Ladies, when you hear reservations and fancy, our minds think:

Cocktail dress, high heels or stilettos, full make-up, hair done and perfume. Reservations and fancy means I am looking good tonight for you babe!

He got to his house at about 6 pm and asked if I was ready to leave. I was pretty confused because a nice, fancy dinner typically would mean about 7 or 7:30. Maybe 6 pm was the only time he could get? So I was trying to finish up to leave. As we were getting ready to leave I reminded him to check if his xBox is off. Ooops. “Ok, mom.” Yeah, I definitely almost walked to my car instead of his.

We arrived at the restaurant that “required reservations” and there were only about 3 or 4 couples there for happy hour. Everyone was dressed casually and there I was in a super cute cocktail dress and stilettos. Thanks boo 🙄

The adventures of J continue… I don’t know why I stayed after that, to be continued with everything but sugar!




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