Not the Frosting to My Cake

Have you ever been in a relationship where the person thought you were the one right away and you just thought one day at a time, maybe we’re just having fun?

Yeah, those always end well, right…?

Let’s talk about that Ex (J). He’s quite a hmmm, character. I was introduced to J through a friend. He is about 2 years younger than me; mind you, I normally would never date a younger guy. This friend said he was super mature for his age. I think I should have reconsidered the source considering she is not mature for her age. There is also the fact that most of my friends range from 30 to 40 years old. So, I don’t gravitate towards those my own age.

I met J and we started dating. I quickly found out that he had never had a real girlfriend until me, I was his first. It was kind of exciting… the ability to mold someone into the perfect boyfriend. But then you realize, at this age it’s not possible. Oh wait, it’s not possible at any age. I soon realized that his immaturity would not lead to anything serious but he was fun to goof off with and he made me laugh.

However, J thought he was falling in love. After about 3 weeks of dating, I hear the infamous: “I love you.” I think my response might have been more harsh than “thank you”.

I don’t think you know what you’re saying. I mean, you’ve just had you’re first real make-out sessions and your hormones are raging. I can’t have you telling me you love me while you’re so hormonal. You need to really think about this and take your time.

Was that too harsh? Oh yeah, 24 and he hadn’t made-out with anyone before… way too much tongue. It was gross and took a LOT of teaching and not all of it was fun. Teaching someone to kiss can seriously be a turn-off. No, I do not want your entire tongue shoved down my throat. If you like it, sure… I will oblige. 

Unfortunately, J didn’t learn completely. He always wanted to just jump the gun into full make-out session, never taking it slow. The small kisses, the slow ones… that’s where it counts!

The stories of J will continue with everything but sugar 😉



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