Sex On the Beach

The drink! Get your minds out of the gutter… Ok, I took it there.
Before we start talking about any of my fun dating stories I need to set the stage.

First off, I don’t drink alcohol. I take a medication that I want to continue to work and alcohol gets in the way of that. However, give me chocolate or caffeine late at late and I will most likely act more drunk than you ūüėČ . I do love myself a good mocktail and alcohol removed wine (they taste the same according to my sister). Secondly, I’m a 28 year old virgin. OH EM GEE!! We do exist! According to the last guy I dated, I am a unicorn. He said,

You’re the only virgin I know.

… Thanks? I’m still not sure how to have responded to that. Let’s high five! I don’t judge those that have sex. It’s a personal view and I am waiting until I get married.

The last guy I dated had been sexually active. He had said he was ok with not having sex but then he ghosted (disappeared without a trace) on me after a month. Umm… ok. If you want to have sex, don’t date me. It’s¬†that simple.

I’m all about being upfront and open from the beginning. Instead of waiting until date 4 or 5 to get into the deep stuff, let’s play 20 questions on date one. I’m looking for someone who I can¬†do life and have fun with.

Can’t wait to start sharing these stories with you, of course everything but sugar!



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