My Burnt Coffee

I walked into my office yesterday with the instructions:

Create social media post outlines, examples and on every avenue we will be using them on with a timeline.

When you work in social media, you can’t really come up with just examples or an outline when you work for a company that doesn’t have a social media strategy. So I spent two hours creating an outline of how to use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn to our best advantage with using our current content and our connections.

We sat down for our meeting and I was prepared to give my presentation. For the next two hours Boss went on to tell us how we needed the following:

  1. We should be on Facebook

  2. We should have 3 fluff posts a week, 2 promotional and 3 hard hitting articles

  3. LinkedIn is important

  4. Pinterest is for women between 30-50

  5. Everything needs the same branding

  6. We can film our videos using iMovie

  7. There are scheduling tools to plan your social media calendar

  8. There are ways to lookup trends!

  9. Less text more images

  10. Eblasts should be one topic per blast (oh, they’re called eblasts now not newsletters)

Just so we’re all on the same page from day one here, I’m sarcastic. The above information might be brand new information to you and if so, I’m happy to have helped 🙂 But this is social media information that sets the foundations. Basically, I did all the above a year and a half ago when I was first brought on…

So lesson of the day: Before creating a presentation, find out the true goal and meaning of the meeting.



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